Legislative News

Substitute House Bill No. 6380   Public Act No. 13-138

AN ACT CONCERNING PROPERTY AND CASUALTY INSURANCE POLICIES AND PUBLIC ADJUSTER CONTRACTS.   Matching, PA Contract changes, Cancellation changes, etc.  Approved June 18, 2013

Word Mitigation added to 38a-313a

Changes were made to 38a-313a:  Which is a Prior Notice to insured re repair, remediation or mitigation pursuant to a loss occurring on or after July 1, 2012 and covered under a personal risk insurance policy,   or commercial risk policy,    Persons providing repair, remediation or mitigation  shall provide an insured with a written notice that indicates the scope of work to be completed and estimated total price.  If the person performing the repair, remediation or mitigation fails to provide the written notice with subsection 9(a) of this section to an insured, any contract between such person and such insured for such repair, remediation or mitigation shall be void.  

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