A key component of CAPIA’s organization is the legislative work that benefits Connecticut consumers and our profession.  CAPIA’s Legislative Committee and lobbyist are making great strides assuring lawmakers are aware of issues that are important to us and consumers.

  • Statute of Limitation
  • Matching
  • POA – Direct Pay
  • Law and Ordinance
  • We  monitor  Insurance related  legislation that effects consumers.
  • We identify insurance policy challenges and seek regulations and changes to correct imperfections in coverage.   
  • We are actively involved in sponsoring and drafting legislation about issues that are important to our clients.
  • Thru our Lobbyist we are able to establish legislative contact between legislators and client constituents to raise awareness of these challenges.
  • We have excellent working relationships with the legislative insurance committee and consumer protection committees and. 
  • We work closely with the department of Insurance leaders. 
  • We have succeeded in obtaining regulations and legislation to protect consumers from unfair industry practice while helping obtain fair and appropriate coverages before a loss occurs.

Donate to the legislation fund here.

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